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Marrero man is guilty in murder

By Joe Darby

A Jefferson Parish jury convicted Derrick Nellon of Marrero of second-degree murder of Ellious “Al” Carmouche after an eyewitness to the fatal shooting testified that Nellon was one of the perpetrators. Chris Duplessis said that he was visiting Carmouche’s apartment when Nellon and two other men kicked down the door and ran in, eventually dragging Carmouche into the living room where he was killed. Duplessis did not see who shot Carmouche. The defense attorney called two women to the stand, but their testimonies were contradictory. Prosecutor Chris Cox urged jurors to believe Duplessis’ testimony, and Prosecutor Doug Freese told jurors that the defense has presented “fake alibis.” Nellon was sentenced to a mandatory penalty of life in prison.

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